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Distribution Kit

Distribution kits are an innovation, both as a product and as a service for the customer, as they provide a complete one box solution. Airtex’s distribution kits include the water pump, the timing belt and all the pulleys and idlers necessary to correctly change the vehicle’s distribution.


Airtex’s distribution kits meet all the requirements and specifications demanded by the automotive aftermarket thanks to our more than 80 years of know-how as a water pump manufacturer and the constant study of the main automotive engines.


Our distribution kits include.



  1. Water Pump
  2. Idler
  3. Tensioner Pulley
  4. Timing Belt

Water Pump

The water pump is a vitally important element designed to ensure the correct functioning and which enhances the performance of your vehicle’s engine. It is the heart of the engine cooling system.


These are pulleys which are fixed to the cylinder block and allow the belt to follow the correct path and prevent the belt from vibrating.

Tensioner Pulley

These elements are fixed and are in control by maintaining the belt’s optimum tension.  They also absorb a great deal of the energy created by the movement of the belt which means that their position and correct assembly in the cylinder block are vital.

Timing Belt

Together with the water pump, this is the most important element in the engine’s cooling system. By connecting the belt to the system, it is possible to transmit the movement generated by the crankshaft to the pump. This allows the engine to cool properly and prevents it from reaching high temperatures. The quality of the belt goes a long way towards determining the quality of the engine’s performance.


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