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Fuel Pump Module Components


Most important is what is inside

The fuel pump is an integral part of the fuel delivery system of a vehicle which brings fuel from the fuel tank to the engine.

Any damage to the pump, or any of the components in its system, could make the pump fail and so give a poor engine performance.

A fuel pump module is made up of 30 different parts. Airtex global engineers design every pump following a strict process, technical know-how and over 80 years’ expertise to meet OE specifications on fitting, performance and durability.

The fuel pump consists mainly of:


  1. Pressure regulator.
  2. Fuel level sender unit.
  3. Impeller.
  4. Armature.
  5. Reservoir.
  6. Strainers.

1. Pressure Regulator. The regulator keeps the pressure in the supply line to ensure the right volume of fuel in every admission cycle.

2. Fuel Level Sender. The floating arm is a very delicate part of the module which signals the remaining fuel level inside the fuel tank.

3. Impeller. Thanks to the turning generated by the armature, the impeller or the gerotor can suck fuel from the reservoir and send it to the fuel pump’s outlet.

4. Armature. The armature is the heart of the fuel pump. It is in charge of the electromagnetic field generator which makes the impeller, or the gerotor, rotate and turn.

5. Reservoir. The reservoir is always full of fuel despite the fuel level in the rest of the fuel tank, as pump needs to be kept cool.

6. Internal and external strainers.

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